Why Us?


SgAssets is the premier real estate consulting firm based in Singapore catered to homeowners who share a mindset for luxury and investment.

From GenZs to Retirees and everything in between, our clients are inspired by the journey to better their real estate property portfolio.

As a result, SgAssets has evolved into the real estate brand that brings together a collective of trusted homeowners, landlords and property investors passionate about meaningful and happy life experiences and demands an elevated property experience.

Why Choose Us?


With a combined count, we have strong negotiation skills and the right ability to make guided, well informed market information in a clear, concise and conversational manner.


Our aim is to make our work with clients as stress free as possible. We Perform, We Work and We Deliver! Sit back, and enjoy the Growth.

Masters of Marketing

Our Clients will get a well-rounded marketing property blanket of their properties through advertising, sales, consumer behavior, analytics, social media, digital marketing, and more. We will take a deep dive into the relevant industries, companies and/or individual of interest to them through immersion experiences of property deals.

– Chief Marketing Officer


With an eye for detail, we are able to make your house look luxuriously profitable. Our strong team of Estate photographers, videographers and designers, just love doing their magic, that sometimes, even our client falls in love with them.



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